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 Newsletter, 01.2010

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Dear Joachim von Watt

As a registered client of ASPSMS you get the latest information about our newly available SMS applications.


PayPal: New Payment Method


ASPSMS offers PayPal as a new safe and reliable Payment Method to purchase ASPSMS Credits and Global Two-Way Numbers.

Select PayPal as payment method during the booking process and purchase up to a maximum of 5000 Credits with your PayPal account.

Further information about PayPal:

HINT: Outlook 2007: Use Distribution Lists for mobile contacts

Outset Situation
You need to contact one or several groups of persons repeatedly via SMS.
Such as school classes, personnel, customers or all contacts in Outlook. The most comfortable way to achieve this is to create Distribution Lists in Outlook 2007 for those groups.
Also Outlook 2007 allows only 100 recipients for an SMS. With Distribution Lists you can evade this limitation.

Outlook Mobile Service mit ASPSMS.COM
Microsoft Outlook 2007 - Outlook Mobile Service mit ASPSMS.COM Without any additional software text messages can be sent comfortably and cheap via Outlook 2007 Mobile Service.

SMS bequem mit Outlook senden

» OMS setup
» OMS usage

SMS Distribution Lists
Choose Distribution List from the select menu of the button [New...].

Neue Verteilerliste

1. Give the Distribution List a self explaining name:
e.g. Sales (Text Message)
2. A mouse click to the button [Select Members] opens the dialog Select names: Contacts (Mobile)

W-Mail weiterleiten

Hint: To make a difference to E-Mail Distribution Lists with the same name, it is recommended to give Distribution Lists an appropriate label.
1. In the Menu Address Book choose the option Contacts right below Mobile Address Book.
2. Search your mobile contacts in the mobile address book, ...
3. ... select them ...
4. ... and add them by mouse click to the button [Members ->].
5. Confirm adding the selection by a mouse click to the button [OK]..

W-Mail weiterleiten

A mouse click to the button [Save & close] finishes the creation of the Distribution List.

W-Mail weiterleiten

Use the advantages of Microsoft Outlook Mobile Service in combination with ASPSMS.COM!

And that's how it works:

  1. ASPSMS Account

  2. Order ASPSMS Credits

  3. Enter Credit Warnings

  4. Authorize own mobile phone number as originator

  5. Outlook Mobile Service setup

  6. Send text messages with Outlook

  7. Configure useful forwardings

  8. Optimize Outlook rules and alerts

  9. Create distribution lists for mobile contacts

  10. Let's go! - messbar besser
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Ernst J. Boesch    Freddy Prost    Chris Sigrist
Ernst J. Boesch    Freddy Prost    Chris Sigrist
Eichstrasse 25
8045 Zürich

Telefon: +41 (0)44 468 20 20
Telefax: +41 (0)44 468 20 21

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List your ASPSMS application at our 3rd-party solutions!

Take the chance and additionally advertise your own ASPSMS based software e.g. your content management system or your branch specific solution that sends SMS through the ASPSMS system on:

That's how it works:

  1. Send us a link or a demo version of your software with the appropriate login data to so we can test your product.

  2. We shall examine your software and let you know if we shall publish it at ASPSMS 3rd-party solutions. Please understand that we can only take well-engineered and error free products into consideration.

  3. If we decide to publish your product, we shall ask you for further information:
    1. Product logo
    2. Product description (title)
    3. Product version
    4. Short description
    5. Detailed product description
    6. Price/currency
    7. Purchase- or download link
    8. Further useful information that helps

    If you have a German documentation, don't hesitate to send it for our German website.

Examples for an listing on ASPSMS 3rd-party solutions:

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ASPSMS system



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