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SMS Blaster Winlog: Send SMS to all your customers with the help of internal ASPSMS statistics

We received a telephone enquiry from a customer who wanted to inform her existing customer base by SMS about the Corona situation.

In recent years, her end customers have been informed individually by SMS about completed orders and were invited to pick up their goods. However, the CRM used for this purpose does not have the option of number export and, due to the limited functionality of the home office, the possibilities for intervention in the system were limited.

However, we were able to help the customer very quickly on the phone to find all his customers who were contacted in the past and inform them in a simple way.

If you cannot or may not install any software in your company, this is not a problem. The only thing you need is any Windows PC connected to the Internet (e.g. home office) and your access data (user key and password).

Time required:The execution of the following instructions will take about 20 to 30 minutes. If you are experienced in using SMS Blaster Winlog, you will need less than 5 minutes.

Free Concierge Service
We are aware that you may not have the nerve or the time to bother with computer programs at the moment. If you want us to handle a broadcast for you perfectly, skip the following instructions.

Read the Concierge Service section following the instructions below.

1. Installing SMS Blaster Winlog

  1. Go to
  2. Download and install SMS Blaster Winlog
  3. Enter your credentials Userkey and Password and change the language to «English», resp. «Englisch»
    Click on «Save Settings»
    You will find the access data after logging in at under the item «API Credentials (Userkey/Password)».

2. Preparing the numbers

Every ASPSMS account has an internal number statistic, in which every mobile phone number sent since 1.1.2016 is stored.
From these statistics you will select the numbers to which the SMS should be sent.
Afterwards the numbers are imported via the clipboard by copy/paste into the phone book of SMS Blaster Winlog.

  1. Click on «Sendlog and Statistics» in the navigation menu above
  2. Then select the tab «Number Statistics»
  3. Click on «Last Transaction in the column headers of the table to sort the numbers in descending order of time
  4. Mark all numbers you want to send SMS to
  5. Click on one of the marked lines, press the right mouse button and select «Copy only Numbers (Unformatted)».
    The marked numbers are now on the clipboard.
  6. Click on «Phonebook and Import» at the top of the navigation menu
    Select «Data and Import»
    You are now in «Step 1 of 3: Select Datasource and assign Columns»
    The previously selected numbers should now already be displayed on the screen. If not, click on «Paste» or switch back to «Number Statistics» and repeat the following steps
  7. Click on «Next >»
    You are now in «Step 2 of 3: Select Records and Clean Up»
    If necessary, you can still exclude numbers from import here
  8. Click on «Next >»
    You are now in «Step 3 of 3: Import»
    Select «Phonebook, ....» and enter a group name, e.g. «All customers until March 2020»
    Then click on «Import»
  9. The numbers are now stored in the phone book and SMS can be sent to them immediately.

3. SMS Sending

You will now define the content of the SMS, select the recipients and send the SMS.

  1. Click on «SMS Sending» at the top of the navigation menu
  2. Switch to «Send SMS» if the tab is not yet selected.
  3. Enter an originator in «Message / Originator» (max. 11 characters alphanumeric or numeric)
  4. Enter your message to the large text field «Message»
    «Dear customer, we inform you that despite the Corona crisis we are open for you. The usual opening hours apply. Stay well!»
  5. Select the group «All customers until March 2020»
  6. Click on «Send SMS!»
  7. In the following confirmation dialog, warnings may appear, e.g. to prevent invalid numbers from being sent.
    Follow the instructions and solve the problems. You can also ignore any warnings and send the SMS despite the warnings.
  8. Then click on «Send SMS!». This triggers the broadcast.

4. Success control

  1. Click on «Sendlog and Statistics» at the top of the navigation menu
  2. Click on the tab «Sendlog»
  3. The screen should now show the broadcast that has just been carried out. The individual SMS are green, yellow or red depending on the delivery status.
    If the SMS have just been sent, it is worth clicking on «Refresh View» from time to time to see the latest delivery status.

Note: All data (number statistics, phonebook, sending logs, etc.) are on the ASPSMS system and not on your local PC.
Only your access data (Userkey and Password) are stored locally.
Therefore you can install and use SMS Blaster Winlog on any number of PCs at the same time. Each user can see the sendings and phonebook changes of the others.

We hope that we have helped you a little bit with this little manual in this very special time. Please stay healthy!

Free Concierge Service

If you want to send an SMS now, we offer you to do it perfectly for you.

For your convenience we format the mobile numbers, eliminate any duplicates and exclude invalid numbers from sending.

This service is FREE of charge for you
Besides the costs for the SMS you will not have to pay anything else. You only pay for the SMS sent.

If you ask us to send the SMS, we need the following:

  1. Recipients mobile phone numbers in file form (Excel, text, CSV, etc.)
    an indication such as «all mobile phone numbers that have been sent in the last 2 years, Switzerland only» (according to internal ASPSMS number statistics)
  2. Message text (typically max. 160 characters)
  3. Originator (max. 11 characters alphanumeric, or valid telephone number)
    The length of the originator has no influence on the length of the message text and vice versa
  4. Planned date and time of the broadcast
  5. A single or a few mobile numbers that can be accessed we can send the «good for delivery». You can then decide again whether the broadcast is really to be carried out or whether there still are necessary adjustments.

With this information we will then carry out the broadcast for you.

As said:
Besides the costs for the SMS there are no further costs for you. You only pay for the sent SMS.

The costs of the SMS are shown on our website:

If you need help or have general questions, you can reach us
by phone on +41 71 246 56 56.
Please stay healthy!

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