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A couple of ASPSMS examples.
You can change the code according to the documentation.
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ASPSMS Dot Net Assembly on NuGet

SOAP Web Service

ASP.NET MVC Web Application with Two-Factor Authentication
Step by step tutorial to add tow-factor authentication by SMS to an ASP.NET MVC project.

PHP Class
phpaspsms-20110901.txt (rename to phpaspsms.inc)

PHP Class by Indielab GmbH
OpenSource on GitHub

Through the integration of the ASPSMS SOAP Web service API into your .NET projects, it is a breeze to send SMS from .NET applications. A fully functional C # .NET application demo is available for download.



The XML-Interface is an additional possibility to use ASPSMS.
Scripts like PHP, Perl, Python and ASP/VB can all be used to connect to out XML-gateway.

Here some XML examples for languages and script languages like PHP, Python, ASP, VBscript-Class, C#, Java, Jabber ...

PHP | Python | ASP/VB-Script | VBscript Class | C# | Java | Jabber

other languages **

**Here are a couple of examples. Any programming language that supports XML may be used. Simply connect to our XML-gateway. XML is independent of the the operating system. It may be used on Unix, Linux and Windows platforms. For more information about XML please consult our detailed documentation.

Active-X Component: aspsms.dll

ASP VB-Script | Visual Basic | other languages *

*Here are a couple of examples. Any programming language that supports ActiveX objects may be used. You simply need to execute the aspsms.dll with the necessary properties. aspsms.dll runs on every Windows platform. For more information please consult our detailed documentation.

Arabic & other special characters

ASPSMS offers the opportunity to encode arabic messages. Arabic characters are encoded with the UCS2 technology(HexEncoded). We support also other oriental characters. Please have a look at our detailed help page for arabic characters.

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