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ASPTOKEN is an ASPSMS product for two-factor authentication by SMS text messages.

When using ASPTOKEN, the ASPSMS gateway is not only used for sending SMS, the SMS codes are already generated, then stored, and finally checked on the ASPSMS system.

Like this, required parts of the two-factor authentication logic are outsourced to ASPSMS whereby any system manipulation for unauthorized intrusion becomes considerably more difficult:

ASPSMS has no knowledge of the security procedures on the side of the protected system. The system to be protected outsources a part of the logic. This division makes sense in terms of safety in any case, because the confidential information is no longer stored in a single location. Instead, only individual, relatively uncritical parts are available at the involved systems.

ASPTOKEN benefits

  • Innovative and secure
  • Simple integration
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to use
  • Wide range of use cases
  • We gladly provide you or your IT partner a test account free of costs and with no commitment on your part

The procedure is very simple

  1. Request the SMS-code: You can either send your own mTAN or tell ASPTOKEN to generate one according to your desired format pattern (mask).

  2. Send the SMS-code: The mTAN is sent via mobile networks to the mobile phone of the person to be authenticated and who enters the mTAN into your web form.

  3. Verify the SMS-code: You check the validity of the received mobile Transaction Number at ASPTOKEN.

Try ASPTOKEN right now!

If you already have an ASPSMS Account you can start right now. If you haven't got one yet you can register for free and request test credits:

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  • Use ASPSMS as SMS Provider for existing Systems

    If ASPSMS is only used to send the SMS-code (OTP, mTAN, token, etc.), the program logic for generating, temporary storage and final verification is completely on the side of the system to be protected. This approach is unproblematic and is used by many ASPSMS clients. In particular, if a two-factor logic already exists on the side of the system to be protected.

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