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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are the answers to the most relevant issues and most common problems. If you don't find an answer to a problem, please contact our support for further information.

Why is the Originator set to "SMS"? [Q1046]
Some networks require an alphanumeric originator. If a numeric Originator is used, it will changed to the value "SMS". If an alphanumeric sender is used by default, it will forwarded without change to the destination network.

I develop and distribute a program and would like to integrate your SMS component. Is that allowed? [Q1021]
Yes of course. Just contact our affiliate program manager to get a special aspsms.dll, which has been personalized with your affiliate key.

How do I change my personal settings or check my personal ASPSMS balance? [Q1014]
Just login with your personal username and password. After the login you have full access to your account information and your personal settings. You may change your settings at any time.

Do I need additional software to set up ASPSMS? [Q1015]
Except the free ASPSMS component, you don't need additional software! Just login and follow our instruction to set up ASPSMS. Please have a look at our usefull example collection.

Does JavaScript has to be activated? [Q1016]
To provide all functionalities JavaScript is required. If you encounter problems please check your browser settings to make sure that JavaScript is active.

How many countries are supported? - Which roamings are activated? [Q1017]
covers over 400 mobile operators in more than 200 countries. Please go to the following page to get the updated coverage list.

Do you support arabic characters? [Q1018]
Yes, we do. It's possible to encode an arabic message with UCS2 (HexEncoded). We support also other oriental characters. Please have a look at our detailed help page for arabic characters.

Why the last 3 digits of the originator are replaced with xyz? [Q1041]
There are certain restrictions, if you would like to use numeric Originators (e.g. '+41791234567'). Numeric Originators only may be used if they were unlocked in advance with an Unlockcode. This Unlockcode will be sent to the corresponding mobilephone, which should be used as Originator.

Important: You only have to use the following dialog if you plan to use numeric Originators. If you use alphanumeric Originators (e.g. 'Party'), there are no restrictions. Please note that misuse in every case will be prosecuted according to terms of Civil and/or Criminal Law.

However, Originators of devices that are not capable to receive SMS (e.g. Fixnetnumbers) can't be unlocked automatically with this procedure. If you would like to use such a number, it's possible to unlock it manually. Please contact the support, if you need such an Originator.

How long does it take until my credits are available or my Global Two-Way number is activated? [Q1026]
Please note that we usually unlock your credits or the purchased Global Two-Way number immediately during office hours but the latest within 24 hours.
You can set a Credit Warning with several warning levels and recipients.

How much does cost? [Q1007]
There is no setup fee or another basic fee. The software is free of charge. You simply pay per SMS you send. You pay in advance using our secure online credit card application (SSL) or by bank transfer to our account.
Your personal SMS balance is always accessible for you to check on your SMS account.

Why do you bill in advance? [Q1011]
To reduce handling costs of invoicing and to give a fast access to a modern and efficient application. The price per SMS is oriented on the volume that you pay in advance. The more you order, the better price.

How secure is the online payment by credit card? [Q1012]
The transaction is very secure. We use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for secure data transmission. ASPSMS uses the service of Saferpay to transfer the credit card data. Saferpay ist the largest provider for electronic payment services in Switzerland.

What is a UserKey? Where do I find it? [Q1010]
The UserKey is a unique Key associated to your account. It's a security feature. You need to set the UserKey in your ASPSMS application with your personal password. Simply go to the following page to get your UserKey.

Do I need to register by e-mail, mail or fax? [Q1019]
No! Registration, activation and settings are completed online.

Why did I not get an e-mail after registration? [Q1031]
Check the settings of your spam filter. It might be that the e-mail was filtered.

Why do I need a username and a password? [Q1000]
For clear authorization and access to your protected personal account. We use your email address as username. In case of a problem, this will help us to contact you as soon as possible.

How do I get support? [Q1013]
For technical support, marketing questions on our affiliate program, please use the folling contact addresses:

Technical support:

Marketing issues: marketing@aspsms.com
Payment inquires: billing@aspsms.com
Permission Marketing: keyaccounts@aspsms.com
Affiliate Program: affiliate@aspsms.com

We have a firewall, does ASPSMS work with a firewall? [Q1020]
It's possible to use ASPSMS within a firewall. The component connects to one of the following 10 servers at random: snatch1.aspsms.com, snatch2.aspsms.com... snatch10.aspsms.com The listening port on our side is port 100, the port on the client side is selected at random. If you open the port 100, ASPSMS should work fine.

I'm using Linux, do you have an interface for me? [Q1022]
Yes we have. As an alternative to the Windows Active-X Component, there is a powerful XML-Interface with the equivalent functionalities.

Are there any restrictions with alphanumeric originators? [Q1042]

ASPSMS does provide an alphanumeric originator function (for example a company name as originator) since 2001 and was one of the first SMS providers that has implemented this functionality. ASPSMS continues to provide this function generally, but unfortunately some of the operators have begun to block that feature in their GSM networks. Unfortunately ASPSMS cannot do anything about this restriction, because it is implemented directly by the specific destination mobile operator.

ASPSMS is informing in its network list about the GSM networks with restriction for alphanumeric originators.

ASPSMS has implemented an easy way which is automatically taken into use for those GSM networks which donít allow anymore an alphanumeric originator to go through.

If a client sends a SMS with an alphanumeric originator to a specific GSM network which is blocking alphanumeric originators, ASPSMS automatically converts that alphanumeric originator to a system generated numeric originator. That allows the SMS to go through. If a numeric originator is used, it will be forwarded without change to the specific destination network.

For these networks with an alphanumeric originator restriction, ASPSMS recommends all the clients to use own numeric originator or purchase a global two-Way number from ASPSMS, which can be used as a numeric originator. However, because of this automatic conversion (alphanumeric originator->numeric originator) by ASPSMS, client doesnít necessarily have to do any changes.

Are there any restrictions with numeric originators? [Q1043]

ASPSMS has provided a numeric originator function (normally a mobile phone number) since 2001. ASPSMS continues to provide that function generally, but unfortunately some of the operators have begun to block some of the numeric originators in their GSM networks. Normally blocking emerges only when using a local inland number is specified as an originator.

ASPSMS is informing in its network list about the GSM networks with restrictions for numeric originators.

If there is a restriction with numeric originators in a specific network, the SMS behaviour is not always the same. Scenarios below are possible, when sending with a numeric originator to a restricted network:

  • SMS with an inland number as an originator is not going through, but SMS with originator number from abroad is going through without problems.
  • SMS is going through but the destination network automatically changes originator to a specific short-code.
  • SMS is going through without problems.

Unfortunately ASPSMS cannot do anything about these restrictions, because it is implemented directly by the specific destination mobile operator. ASPSMS recommends users to test the specific numeric originator, when sending to networks which are marked as restricted.

For these networks with a numeric originator restriction, ASPSMS recommends clients to use an international numeric originator or purchase a global two-Way number from ASPSMS, which can be used as a numeric originator.

The menu item 'Text Message' is missing. [Q1033]
Choose 'help' in the Outlook menu bar and select 'Disabled Items...' There you can activate the Outlook Mobile Service.

Outlook shuts down when trying to send an SMS. [Q1034]
Go to Tools -> Account Settings... and select 'Address Books'. Double click 'Outlook Address Book' and choose 'show names by' 'First Last (John Smith)'

Outlook displays an error message saying that userkey or password are incorrect which is not true. What is wrong here? [Q1035]
Outlook not only shows this message if userkey or password are wrong but also when your run out of ASPSMS Credits. You can purchase ASPSMS Volume here: https://www.aspsms.com/balance.asp

The SMS have an unkown originator starting with +44... [Q1036]
You have set up the Autoreply function, which uses a random Global Two-Way Number out of our number pool. You find detailed instructions on the set up options on the following pages: http://aspsms.ch/microsoft/office/outlook+2007/

When sending an SMS I get the following error: "Could not complete the operation. One or more parameters are not valid." [Q1037]
You are probably using an old pst file. To get your personal data into a new pst file you have to create a new one and drag and drop all your personal data into the new file.

My software no longer connects to the ASPSMS SOAP web service [Q1045]

There may be problems with the handshake for encryption because a component used by your system (such as OpenSSL) was updated.

Because there are reasons why we can not update the infrastructure that hosts the webservice.aspsms.com interface to the latest encryption technology, we run the same web service on a second infrastructure that is up-to-date:

  • OLD: webservice.aspsms.com (
  • NEW: soap.aspsms.com (

Please use https://soap.aspsms.com/aspsmsx2.asmx as api for sending sms:

Der ASPSMS SOAP Web Service must be connected on the following address:

  • NEW: soap.aspsms.com (


  • HTTP: 80
  • HTTPS (SSL): 443

Please take note of the firewall rules, which regulate access to our interface.

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