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Outlook Mobile Service - Case study 4: Freight transportation company

The freight transportation company TellAG recently adopted the Outlook Mobile Service with ASPSMS. Based on this example we want to show the benefit of SMS communication.

The Tell AG runs a fleet of 50 trucks all over Europe. The 70 driversare disposed/coordinated by the headquarter in central Switzerlandaround the clock.

Fact: because of international roaming fees, short messages are significantly less expensive than phone calls.

Outlook Mobile ServiceAs main instrument of communication, the Outlook Mobile Service is used in combination with a Global Two-Way number (e.g. +447624000000).

Outlook Mobile Service is a new feature in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 that you use to create and send text messages to a mobile device. From within Outlook you send text messages in a manner similar to e-mail messages.

By using Outlook Mobile Service, you can send a message both as an e-mail message and as a mobile message to multiple contacts at the same time. You can stay informed when you are away from the office because Outlook Mobile Service can forward favoured e-mail messages and calendar appointments directly to your mobile phone.

The headquarter sends all short messages with this number as originator.

The drivers send short messages for the headquarters exclusively to this the Global Two-Way number +447624000000.

All replies of the drivers are received in the Two-Way Inbox of the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition.

Example 1

A driver unexpectedly drops out. Aurelia sends a short message to all free drivers.

SMS-OUT (to 17 drivers): We are lacking a driver for rout 13 to Ciasso and Milano. Would any of you like to take over this shift?

Aurelia receives the following replies in the Two-Way Inbox of the SMSBLASTER.COM web edition:

SMS-IN: That's alright! Regards, Fritz
SMS-IN: OK, I could take over at 12. Best, Herbert
SMS-IN: I'm available - Zubi
SMS-IN: hi Aurelia, could you give the job to me?! cu soon, Päuli

Aurelia makes her decision and answers back:

SMS-OUT: Hi Herbert, it's ok. Please be in Langenthal at 1300. Loading as usual. Best, Aurelia
SMS-OUT (to 16 drivers): Job for route 13 given away. Please no more replies. Thanx, Aurelia

Example 2

Driver Heinz reports an accident to the headquarter at the Gotthard:

SMS-IN: Hi HQ. Heavy accident in Gotthard tunnel. Probably no more access today or limited only. Regards, Heinz

The headquarter disposes wide area by-pass routes for all trans alpine transports. Aurelia informs the affected drivers:

SMS-OUT:IMPORTANT! Gotthard expected to be closed for 8h. DON'T take San Bernadino, jammed already. Take BRENNER route! Best, Aurelia

Answers of the drivers:

SMS-IN: Hi Aurelia, Thx for the hint! Cheers, Nathalie
SMS-IN: Aurelia, I'm in deep shit already. Thank you anyway! CU, Sepp
SMS-IN: Hi Aurelia, I was early and already in Emmen at the client's place. That was a close shave! :-) Best, Schorsch

More everyday examples

The following examples impressively show, how the Outlook Mobile Servicemakes everyday's coordination and disposition easy for the TellAG freight transportation company:

SMS-IN: Hi Aurelia. I'm in downtown Budapest and my navigation device busted. Please advice. Ernst

SMS-OUT: OK, Ernst - don't worry! Gonna plan + send your route right away, Aurelia

Aurelia receives an order by e-mail. She right-clicks the mail and chooses 'Forward as Text Message' and sends the order as SMS to the concerning driver who receives the whole order in an unmistakable way.

SMS-IN: Hi Aurelia. Cooling unit out of order. Need local repair service in Dijon, Bert

SMS-OUT: 1. Address: Dijon Entretien et Service Automobile, 66, Rue Devosge, Dijon +33380304300 2. Address: Stop Auto 21, Rue André Ampère, F-21160 Marsannay la Côte +33380521616, please keep me informed. Best, Aurelia

SMS-IN: Aurelia, I don't find the client in Lodz. Please support. Stefan

SMS-OUT: Stefan. looks like the client won't accept the delay ... Take a break, gonna brief you later. Cheers, Aurelia

And that's how it works:


branchenbuch.ch - Domainregistration

branchenbuch.ch - Domainregistration seit 1999

You can also contact us personally, no call centre and no waiting times!

Telephon: +41 (0)44 468 20 20
Telefax: +41 (0)44 468 20 21

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  2. We shall examine your software and let you know if we shall publish it at ASPSMS 3rd-party solutions.Please understand that we can only take well-engineered and error free products into consideration.

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    If you have a german documentation, don't hesitate to send it for our german website.

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